A European-based collective of musicians who combine different styles and flavours from across the globe - whether Western classical music and American Jazz or echoes of Jewish and traditional Northern African folk music - all can be heard on Nomadic Treasures’ musical palette. 

Consisting of Italian bassist Daniele Cappucci, Catalan singer Nadia Basurto and drummer Joan Terol Amigó as well as Israeli pianist and composerAvi Darash, Nomadic Treasures deliver you songs packed with ritualistic rhythms and pure emotions. The four musicians have each built up a reputation for themselves in their touring years in the jazz and world music scene and, in the near future, hope to collaborate with other disciplines of the art circuit.

Nomadic Treasures have released their debut album, "Nomadic Treasures", under the label A.MA Edizioni in April 2018 and are currently working on their second album, scheduled for winter 2019. Each of their live performances is a fusion of cultures and sounds, resulting in a rich and awe-inspiring musical adventure. 



Where are we live?  


SAT September 15, 2018          Café Belle Campo @ Amsterdam

SAT September 20, 2018                 Miles Café @ Amersfoort



about Nomadic Treasures


UKvibe ****

 Nathalie Freson

Nomadic Treasures is a listening adventure, bearing much emotion in every song.


Romain Jazz *****

Stefano Dentice 

Darash's playing is deeply inspired with a rich melodic and narrative feel. His touch is magic. This album, in the lines of contemporary jazz, is impressive for the abundance of content and melodic elegance.


All about Jazz **** 

Mark Sullivan 

This is a band with real chemistry.